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Ride with Us for Healthcare Equality Across the Globe

Authors: yi li

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I'm from Wuhan, a city I no longer need to introduce. How I wish it were known for something other than COVID. If only vaccines or Paxlovid had been available sooner, perhaps my family and I wouldn't have lost so many dear ones.

Last year, after a 3-year separation due to the pandemic, I endured a 4-week quarantine in a Shanghai hotel room before reuniting with my family. It was a long and lonely wait, but worth it to see my loved ones again.

My fiancé and I spent weeks talking to 10 hospitals in Thailand, navigating the local vaccine system while my COVID-stricken parents flew there in hopes of obtaining the vaccines that had been available to my friends and me in the US for 2 years.

Friends helped smuggle Paxlovid in ginseng and vitamin bottles, a cross-continental medicine roulette, to save my grandfather's life in China after he contracted COVID. Sadly, it arrived too late to be of use. After a 3-month battle, my grandfather is alive but suffers from long COVID.

Despite our Ivy League educations and worldwide connections, my fiancé and I still struggle to access basic healthcare on a global scale.

That's why my fiancé and the One Fact Foundation are working tirelessly to improve accessibility and equality in healthcare systems. We need your donation to make this mission sustainable and impactful.

Biking is how I explore cities, and I'll be cycling in the city I've called home for 10 years to raise funds for my fiancé, One Fact, and a cause that affects us daily. Join us on this journey and support our mission to make a lasting difference.