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Pedal for Healthcare Justice - Join My Ride for One Fact

Authors: andrew

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Health — it's the greatest gift we possess, an intricate blend of mental and physical wellbeing. I count myself lucky, having been able to navigate the maze of the US healthcare system with relative ease. I'm aware, though, that this isn't everyone's story.

Access to healthcare shouldn't be a privilege, but a right. Many find the system difficult to understand, let alone afford. Knowledge and technology have the power to bridge this gap. It's a mission I believe is worth supporting.

As a New Yorker of over a decade, the city has given me much, and it's time to give back. The Five Boro Bike Tour has always been on my bucket list. And now, I'm not just fulfilling a personal dream. I'm joining forces with One Fact to pedal around the city, knowing every revolution of the wheels moves us closer to healthcare accessibility for all.

I'm super excited about this journey! A ride not just through the beautiful boroughs of New York, but also towards a healthier, fairer world. Join me, won't you?