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We change health, education, and discourse using open source AI.

Vision: Convenient, easy, and free health; education in support of agency, psychological safety, and self-efficacy; online and offline discourse backed by open source AI – for every person on the planet by 2030. Here's what we are building to make this a reality:

Payless Health is a search engine and open database of all hospital prices in the United States. We are currently running a data bounty and paying up to $10,000 for help collecting this data that is public by federal law.

The Late Pass

The Late Pass is built on our work in schools across the United States, Europe, and Latin America. We published a report and are developing an honor society in support of learner agency.

Data Thinking

Data Thinking is a course we're building with our institutional partners to increase equity and access to artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science education around the world.

The Parrot Report

The Parrot Report is built using a grant we received from the Wikimedia foundation to use artificial intelligence to improve discourse in society. We work with leading newsrooms to help them tell stories that are accurate, complete, and fair using our algorithms.