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Join Our Ride for Change - Empower Patients with AI Equity Today

Authors: alex

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As someone who has worked in and around mental healthcare for years, I've witnessed firsthand the challenges patients face in accessing treatment and care. Lack of information and high costs are the biggest barriers that prevent many from getting the help they need. It's frustrating to see patients disempowered by these obstacles.

That's why I'm excited to participate in the TD Five Boro Bike Tour to support One Fact and its mission to use equitable, open-source AI to provide patients with transparent access to the facts and care they deserve. One Fact is dedicated to making healthcare more affordable and hope more accessible to those who need it most. And I'm proud to support their vision of AI for equity, not inequality.

Joining me in supporting One Fact is an opportunity to make a real difference. By working together, we can break down barriers and empower patients to take control of their healthcare. Your support can help change lives, making healthcare more affordable and accessible to all. Thank you for joining me in this important cause.