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Pedal with Me Towards a Healthier Tomorrow at the Five Boro Bike Tour

Authors: ellen

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In the saddle of my bike, I find freedom. I generate my own momentum, each pedal stroke drawing me further into the heart of my city and beyond. The rhythm of my journey depends on a few trusty tools: a well-maintained bike and a reliable map to guide me. It's in the simplicity of this mode of transport, the transparency of the mechanics, where I discover a profound sense of accomplishment. No matter the distance traveled, the destination always feels like an achievement.

Sadly, navigating our healthcare system often feels like a different journey. It can be daunting, akin to riding without a map. The path to access is obscured, the costs seem to shift like shadows. There's a stark contrast between the clear, tangible world of cycling and the labyrinthine realm of healthcare.

And so, I’m preparing to ride my city in the Five Boro Bike Tour, backed by the supportive team at One Fact Foundation. I ride not just for the exhilaration of the journey, but for a cause that matters deeply to me. I ride to champion better access and enhanced transparency in our healthcare system. I ride in the hope that one day, navigating healthcare can be as straightforward and empowering as biking our city streets.