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How much time do you have to learn?

Start your phone timer when your first class really starts: when your teacher starts teaching (with people are paying attention) or group work gets productive.

Pause when there’s a disruption, a break, or when people stop paying attention.

Pause when the class ends, and start when the next one really starts. Repeat for the day.

Share your time!

We're doing a nationwide experiment on learning time, part of our work on student mental health and belonging.

Email your full day's learning time and your total time in class to or text 781-three-three-zero-6849. If you don't want to add up your class time, you can also send a picture of your schedule.

Why this?

Without students, there is no school.

If you idiots all walked out tomorrow and said you wouldn't come back until the disgusting bathrooms were fixed, they would get fixed. If you went on strike for a week telling the school to hire more social workers, they would.

If you just want to do better in class, be less stressed, or even eat better food for lunch YOU HAVE SMALL, POWERFUL WAYS TO ACHIEVE THAT THAT, TOO. This experiment is one of our first steps to empowering students nationwide: proving school isn't set up for learning.

Bonus: "Social-emotional" time.

At the end of the day, estimate how much class time wasn't instructional, but engaging: over half the class was enjoying a funny video a teacher shared or having a non-academic conversation. Send us that number, too!

We don't save your contact info or any personal data.