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One Fact Foundation is a nonprofit organization aiming to transform healthcare access and efficiency globally using open-source artificial intelligence solutions.

Our non-profit structure allows our partners, such as the National Institutes of Health and Harvard Medical School, to grant access to the health data needed to build, train, and deploy our AI engine, ClinicalBERT. Releasing and conducting research using this open source AI means we can require enterprises using our tech to validate their deployments of our model against state-of-the-art health equity metrics.

Payless Health is a search tool for hospital pricing, negotiated rates, and health outcomes in the United States, supported by a grant from Brown Institute (Columbia & Stanford) to parse newly-available but incomplete hospital pricing data. Payless Health will help citizens and businesses save money on healthcare and negotiate with providers/insurers.

Clinical Bert

ClinicalBERT is a healthcare-focused AI engine developed in a research paper co-created by our founder and collaborators at Stanford and New York University. It is cited 450+ times and used at multiple academic medical centers to conduct research, and build novel technology in biomedical research, life sciences, and pharmaceutical areas.

Data Thinking

Data Thinking is a set of open-source courses and industry symposia we're building with our Ivy League and international partners to increase access to artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science education around the world, such as the skills to use GPT and other large language models to accelerate their learning.


ChildFx is an AI tool to accelerate and support pediatric radiology, based on a research paper by our founder - Detecting Pediatric Upper Extremity Fractures With Deep Learning Based Object Detection - that the One Fact Foundation has worked with Columbia University Medical Center to pilot and test.